2006-08-02, 1:37 p.m.,

Have to preface this first by saying that I had to go back and edit this in case your reading a second time and scrathing your head wondering where half of it went. I can't believe I didn't write about the crazy asian guys who moved my house, spoke very little if any english, were the age of my dad and older and yelled and fought with each other the whole time.

What a treat they were. Today is the first day off my mag deadline and I took the day off. However that still meens my phone is ringing non stop and I have to check work emails, but at least I get the day to run personal errands like return old house keys, drop off condition report for new house, finish the last bit of unpacking. try and sort out what the hell I'm going to do with my 22 hour layover in Chicago next week.

Oh yes and try and avoid "ex big brother" girl's phone calls without looking like I'm avoiding her.

At 4:30 I have this product launch to go to at the Harbour but I can't for the life of me remember the product that's being launched. I think it might be a spa opening or something because our beauty editor was invited as well but it'll be a surprise nonetheless. And spa treatments would be nice nice nice now. Trying not to get my hopes up in case I'm remembering incorrectly.

Then drinks with Fel.

My dog hates this house. He just paces up and down the hallway, goes outside and refuses to come in for hours at a time and then once inside has these massive barking attacks where he backs at the walls. My first guess would be ghosts but it feels ok here. So far anyway, nothing weird.

Skylight in my bedroom makes it very very very sunny by 8:30. But this morning was the first time ever I have been here in bed that late in the morning.

It's starting to feel farmore like home and I'm keen to come back from the US and just start fresh in this new place without all the linger stuff from the old house.

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