2006-08-03, 2:20 p.m.,

This morning I've received an invite to the Hunter Valley, One to Melbourne, one to Adelaide and another for China. Why all of them suddenly today, not so sure and as tempted as I am to say yes to as many as possible and get out of this office, I know Iíll just be sending myself to stressville trying to sort it out.

Things are getting back to normal now though. Last night was a great event (it was for a range of spa products, not a spa opening) and lots of fun people around. Drinks afterwards was nice and just chilled and hanging out literally with a beautiful view of the opera house and just relaxing and laughing and feeling a whole lot better about things.

The good news is that the trip to the Hunter, which I have said yes to is for me and 5 people because they want to show me what they do with a group tour. So as soon as I get back from overseas I can have a nice girlie weekend away at the Tuscany Wine Estate. Really looking forward to it, I donít care how many stories they ask for. Just have to sort out the group.

In the meantime, I must must begin packing to get home.

Doing the Ghost Tour for Sydney tonight, was meant to go with my friend the PR chick for a local hotel but sheís been hit with emergency wisdom teeth removal. Poor thing does not sound, or look so well. So I did get to ring my backup friend who was sort of pissed off not to have been preference #1 and that made them happy. Hope I get freaky ghost pictures while Iím getting mag shots. How cool would that be?

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