2006-08-06, 10:13 a.m.,

Today I received my very first royalty check for my books that have sold in the US. $23.80.US dollars of course, which translates into about $30 Australian.

Which goes to prove what many already know. Do not quit your day jobs and become writers. You'll never survive.

I also think that me really enjoying living in this house is simply a matter of spending time here. At the moment essentailly everything is unpack and I have no furniture to sit on in the living room. Suddenly it seems a bit more spacious. Will get onto that when I come home. I'm in no hurry at all.

Am starting to like it here though. And it would seem that should I ever decide to go back to men I would be ok (not that that's an option) but the neighbour from what I can tell so far seems to be a single dad, he always has his boys outside and I have yet to see a woman around. But he smiles and waves and puts my rubbishs bins out on garbadge night for me both times since I've been here and got home late to see them already on the street curb. And when I come back from work the next day they are tucked back where they belong. I'm certain it's him that does it, I just have to say thank you when I see him next.

Friday night I was coming home from work walking home and had headphones on so couldn't hear initially when the guy on the other side of the street called out to me, carrying a pizza. He was a bit of a yub, don't know how to describe him other than that, carrying a dominos box and crossing the street to tell me he's just going to go back to his place if I wanted to join him for pizza. I politely said "no thanks" to which he responded "Aww come on love, what else ya got to do?" and I said "I'm meeting a friend for dinner soon, but thank you" Still the truth.

He goes "Right, bring your friend with ya then" and I said "It's my boyfriend" which seemed to put him off quick smart and he apologosed nicely enough for bothering me and crossed the street to walk when a few seconds later he walked straight into the Mission Australia Shelter. I'm guessing the Mission was his place unless of course he is a volunteer, but my gut says he lives there.

Strange street. Posters all over now for the "Under the blue moon gothic festival" Lot of Goths in this part of the city. Mostly goths and punks. Which is fine really, it's great walking past shop after shop of plastic and rubber and leather clothing every morning on your way to work.

Nic and I went to the festival last year, well tried to. We had every intention of going but it started raining really hard and we put off walking down until the rain eased up. Then we got a bit distracted on the sofa for quite awhile and when we finally made it to the festival it was pretty late at night and stillrainy and most of everything was gone but it was nice to just walk around and people watch regardless.

Anyway, I'm waffling on. And I need to start packing for this trip because I leave in 4 days and haven't started yet at all. Nor have I sorted out what I'm doing in Chicago for a full day. Best do that very soon.

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