2006-08-07, 3:27 p.m.,

What a weird day....

Haven't been able to stop thinking about her all day, stupid smirk on my face and I'm actually really really excited to see her again in that “first time I met her butterflies” sort of way.

And then, just abut ten minutes ago I got a phone call from a friend who literally just found out on her lunchbreak today that she’s having a baby. And that really freaks me out mostly because when I see her now all I can think about is the night we were out together and under the influence of a fair bit of alcohol and a pill and got together in this really intense full-on aggressive sort of, um...oh dear. And I just can’t picture her as a mom. But she’s so excited and I’m so excited for her and it’ll be cool to actually have a baby around in Sydney to play with when all my nephews are so far away.

Tonight will pretty much be my only semi-quiet night before the trip and now that I have been so graciously invited over for a booty call (love her honesty) from the girl I imagine I’ll be a bit distracted for the evening.

And I must finish packing.

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