2006-08-10, 4:32 p.m.,

I leave tomorrow under a swell of activity for the book launch and although i am definately not looking forward to the long flights in cramped planes, i am looking forward to not working in this office for two weeks.

Yesterday I dscovered that the past 3 events i've attended I've completely forgotten who they were for and who i was meant to see there. Fortunately I'm usually able to give my name at the door and get directed to someone who have probably talked to on the phone and says "Oh gwen nice to finally meet you, i'm so and so." then it hits me.

Right Sally from product launch XYZ.

And I have to pretend to care about product XYZ.

I'm kinda feeling a bit like a professional attendee. And i'm getting sick of it fast.

Home will be nice.

Just spoke to katelyn on the phone today and it was so very weird. It will be realy weird to see her, but good I think.

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