2006-08-26, 1:03 p.m.,

Seems the key for curing jetlag is to drink enough vodka and red bull to force you awake until 4 in the morning and that way when you get only 5 or 6 hours sleep at least you've forced yourself to sleep later into the day.

I think I'm sorted now. Had a great night last night into this morning and couldn't believe it turned into a comin ghome at 4 in the morning sort of night.

But the group of us there were a great group and we all spent the night really just revolving around each other, having these really amazing and enthusiastic chats, really challenging chats the no bullshit what do you really think about this and that sort of chats. The kind were drunken theories are made, proved, disproved and laughed at and you see sides of people you've never really noticed before.

"I feel lust for some people, affection for others, but when they grow together, is that love?" seemed to set it all off and then the theories began and she said to me that she thinks so many people think that lust and love are really similar things when they are at th eopposite ends of the spectrum. Lust is when you're looking to gain for yourself, satisfying what you want and love is when you sacrifice something of your self to look out for someone elses needs.

Just made for interesting conversation all night, well into the early morning.

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