2006-08-28, 10:49 a.m.,

After having a full weekend at my house (albeit a busy one) I'm finding I love it there. And the more time I spend there the more I find to love about it. Thereís an enclosed dog park, less than a 3 minute walk away where every dog owner in my part of Newtown/Enmore takes their dog. Itís this HUGE social group and it wasnít until I started taking Ned there regularly that Iím noticing how happy he is going. Iíve never seen him more energetic and excited and now he sits at the door, tail thumping on the floor waiting for me to take him. And the people there are great as well.

Then yesterday morning I was running around all day getting things for the house, getting the pictures hung up and nesting really and as I walked up to my porch on my return home I noticed the massive bloom of jasmine all along my front fence and itís getting so fragrant. Flowers everywhere in the backyard blooming now. It really is becoming a little sanctuary.

Had a great night at Govindas last night, we skipped the movie but went out to a tiny corner cafť in potts point on some dark back street thatís pretty unheard of but apparently has been around since the 60ís and has been the hang out of local bohemian artists of the time. So we sat in this cramped little place looking at the artwork and just enjoying being there. And I really like where things are at the moment. Itís uncomplicated and its nice and really enjoyable,

I came in this morning in a head spin with everything I have going on with the mag and the launch. Sorting out the RSVP lists and catering and managing the media stuff. Itís growing bigger than I thought.

And I have been given tickets to Cirque du Soleil Verakai show now that Iím already going on Friday. Tickets are for the same show on Friday and Iíve got to work out where these ones are going. It's become a bit of a joke that between the two of us, we'll never have to pay to do anything ever again.... And then the big red envelope arrived. This yearís ARIA Award tickets and suddenly the frenzy in the office starts as to whoís getting them this year.

Itís kind of annoying how a few pieces of paper suddenly send so many people to my desk saying good morning and ďhow was your weekend?Ē Vultures.

Anyway, on deadline this week for the September issue so off I go.

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