2006-08-30, 8:28 a.m.,

Yesterday and this morning have been filled with endless phone calls home, making sure my parents are doing ok. I really hate being away when it would be so much easier for them to have me close by. Particularly in funeral situations where I used to do this day in and out professionally and they are flailing about trying to sort out what to do and what to arrange.

And last night they started, the nightmare about my launch. I imagine Iíll have a few beforehand, you know they typical, things fall apart and nothing work out properly and Iím utterly embarrassed by it all. The usual stuff.

On a funnier note, it would seem that my dog has taken on a new role in the neighbourhood as a panty thief. Yesterday I came home from work to find that while he was outside he has somehow managed to get into the neighbours yard and pull down two pairs of her frillies, bring them back into our yard and chew the crotch out of them. It wasnít until I came home from work and went into the backyard to find the now holey knickers in the grass.

What do you do in this situation? Am I meant to take both my dog and what remains of her chewed up, rolled in the dirt outside undies to her house and apologise? Heís never done anything like this and Iím really baffled how he got them assuming they were on a clothesline or something. I canít imagine any other way. I think my best bet is to never ever let my neighbour know, let her think theyíve simply vanished and Iíve since put a piece of yard furniture of the spot in the fence where he can get through to keep him out in the future.

My dog, the pervo panty thief.

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