2006-09-01, 9:16 a.m.,

It's weird how with my grandfather dying all these people have come up to me and offered sympathies, which is so nice. But I feel like a mega bitch because truth be told he and my grandmother divorced for about 30 years because he was a raging alocholic and horrible to her.I don't miss him and my life won't really be effected by his passing I just feel bad for my parents dealing with it and I know it's really hit home with my mom that her father is going soon. And he'll be the one I really will miss.

It's awful I know.

Meanwhile I've bought this gift for someone and I've been hanging onto it for awhile now because giving it to them now just seems sort of weird. It made sense when I bought it...now I'm not so sure. Nothing's changed but suddenly I'm self conscious about it.

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