2006-09-02, 5:13 p.m.,

Went to Cirque du Soliel last night and it was absolutly brilliant.

Had a great night all around actually, everything was just very easy and fun, which was exactly what I wanted it ot be. Despite the fact I was a bit worried about stieny being ill.

The few times I've been ill she's made such a fuss over me and it's a bit frustrating that she won't let me return the favour, but she's exactly like me in that stubborn taurean way and doesn't like fuss. So I can't say I dont understand it because I do.

We just had dinner and drinks beforehand and had a great night. She was describing someone to me in conversations and said "she is the queen of almosts. The closer she gets to something or someone, the more she cuts herself off from it because she's terrified of anything real that she might have to care about."

I completely understood that description in that it's described one or two people who've crossed my path.

Cracked me up though because as we were waiting in the taxi line which was endless after the show. She grabbed my hand to pull me across the street dodging traffic to get to the taxi stand she said "run now so if we die at least we'll die together and it'll be far more glamourous and tragic."

And as we spent the next 10 or 15 minutes waiting in the line we planned the fake funeral. Since both of us working in the event industry we were in tears with laughter talking about the theme of the funeral, the staging, the invites, who we'd have as entertainment, the venue...it's such a wanky industry, it was so nice to just hear someone else so heavily involved in it take the piss out of it as well.

Anyway, I didn't plan anything for this afternoon thinking I would just do the house thing an tidy up and rest for tonight, but I was hit hard with boredom on a gorgeous day and after my long walk down king st where I spent too much money and taking the dog to the park, I was seriously bored.

Seems I don't know how to just do nothing anymore.

So off I go....

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