2006-09-11, 2:08 p.m.,

I can completely tell I've been in a different headspace all last week leading up to the launch as I came back in the office today to discover something I screwed up at work and itís a mistake that sort of a big published one. Iíve had to write an apologetic email to someone about misspelling their surname about 6 times in the story. Itís a really dumb mistake and one I would never ever have normally made and I feel like an absolute incompetent dickhead about doing it. Itís an error I certainly should have seen before it went to press.

Anyway, itís over and Iíve been beating myself up all morning about it, hoping they wonít kick up a stink.

Iíve got a pretty busy week planned which is good because Iíll need the distractions to give myself a swift kick to the rump to get out of this rut Iíve been in.

Now with my move over and the overseas adventure over and the launch done, Iím sort of wondering what to do with myself. Guess I have the Thailand and Cambodia thing in a month to focus on. My Cambodia itinerary looks amazing all the stuff they have planned for us to do. Itís a group of 10 of us and I am the only one from Australia, everyone else is Hungarian, German, Swiss, and Chinese. Should be a very interesting trip I think.

Had my little sister on Sunday and she helped me choose the colour of my lounge to replace my old on in the house. It was so cute how important something like made her feel. Like her opinion on an ďadult issueĒ was the only thing that mattered and she was so proud of herself. She then told me that her and her friend spent all the previous day googling my name. Sheís a crack up.

Website for the book is essentially done. Www.gwenotoole.com Still has a bit of fine tuning on it, but Nixie (Stien) has been brilliant getting it up and going.

And a girl from the industry who I donít often get to spend time with unless itís a very working professional environment informed me at the launch that next week Iím being kidnapped overnight for an adventure.

Should be interesting.

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