2006-09-13, 11:50 a.m.,

Finally feel much more like myself after the launch. Something about someone telling you that theyíre in love with you when you really donít expect to hear them say it to throw you into a spin. Someone told me once ages ago that itís sort of the natural rule of life that the person you love and the person who loves you are never ever the same person and on the rare occasion that it happens to be, it never lasts because itís too intense.

Very optimistic hey?

Monday night I went to dinner with a friend and then ran off to attend the acting recital for another friend of mine. And she did a brilliant job, I was so proud of her, quite possibly one of the best ones there and although I admit to being a bit biased, I also have to say that otherís thought so too!

And Iím finding myself reluctantly and then not so reluctantly spending more and more time in Potts Point with Mira and Iím going to stop beating myself up emotionally over it and just let things be what they are.

Yesterday I had one of the largest presentations I have ever had to make in the history of my career and it meant a heap of exposure and money to the mag and I totally cinched it. I was so proud of myself and keen to celebrate and since my meeting finished early at 3:30 I kidnapped Fels from the warehouse and we did just that. Then last night I had this media event for the Ant Bully in 3D as this charity thing for the childrenís hospital and the IMAX theatre. It was for media only but the catch was that you had to bring a kid. So she and I grabbed our honorary kids for the evening (my little sister was absolutely chuffed to be out with me on a school night) and we went to the party. Very cute movie actually and a late night for a 10 year old coming home at 9pm on a Tuesday but she felt so important with her little VIP media tag. Sheís taking it to school today to brag to her friends. Itís so endearing really.

Tonight Iíve got Queerdoc as part of the Queer Film fest and I swear at some stage I MUST actually settle into the new house. I have to do a domestic day this weekend I think especially because my new lounge is arriving on Friday morning.

Anyway, thatís it really, just work work work.

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