2006-09-14, 10:24 a.m.,

Because my work email is listed on the magazine's website I get about 50-60 spam emails every morning when I come in. Most go straight to my junk mail but you get the odd few that sneak through, the usual stuff, viagra and work from home schemes and the cheap prescription drugs. And itís always the subject lines that are the topic of conversation for the first 20 minutes or so that we come into the officers. This morning I got two interesting ones. The first ďYou Always wanted to use your dick as a billiards cue.Ē Hmmmm.... Canít say Iíve always wanted that, no. And the second was ď Perform like you did when you were a teenager.Ē Well, perhaps the whole lesbo thing has turned me a bit biased, but from what I can recall being a teenager, I donít particularly remember high school straight sex being all that fantastic. All that awkwardness about it.

Anyway, last night we went to queer doc which is the Gay and lesbian documentary film feast and thereís one film in particular I was really keen to see called zero degrees of separation about couples where one is Israeli and the other Palestinian. In my head I was thinking I was going to that one but when I arrived with the small group of folk I attended with which is a girl Iíve only recently started spending time with and about 4 of her friends Iíd never met, they all had tickets (and one for me) for a doco called Vice and Consent which is all about the gay BDSM scene. Despite being a bit dubious, it was actually pretty interesting and in some ways a little bit hot in that kinky sort of way.

Post doco we went out for dinner where they all tried to convince me to come to sleaze ball in two weeks (still trying to convince) and then we went for drinks. Met an interesting girl who was part of the group whoís also coming out with us on Friday. Something about her Iím not really sure what it is but sheís really interesting. And sadly named Amanda which makes her like the 8th person named Amanda I know. But Iím looking forward to Friday and having a fun, non emotional night out. And I have very little planned over the weekend so Iíll have lots of time to recover.

Iíve had something on every bloody night this week and while I had the best intentions of doing a domestic one this evening, because Mira has left for Singapore and Honkers to perform a few shows and Fels is flat out with a few big events the next few days. But I forgot that itís friends birthday and now weíre going to longrain tonight to celebrate. Must do my best to be out of the restaurant by 9:30. I donít care how rude it looks.

So excited for my lounge to arrive tomorrow. And Iím going to take a nice long long nap on it over the weekend.

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