2006-09-20, 9:30 a.m.,

It's only really just occurred to me that I leave for Thailand and Cambodia in about 3 weeks. And at some stage I have to go to my doctor and get injections for a few different things before I go.....goodie. And as of this morning apparently they are telling Aussies to come back because thereís some civil unrest there and the military has overthrown the government, etc. Travel warnings say NO to Thailand.

So Iím putting it all off a week to see what happens.

After the absolute emotional crash post book launch-- this week since last Wednesday has been the entire opposite end of the spectrum. It was like everything had to be really devastating to become really amazing and right now, itís all very very amazing.

And I secretly find myself holding my breath waiting for the floor to fall out. Perhaps that's the skeptic in me, but so far, so very very good.

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