2006-09-27, 1:21 p.m.,

Little bit of madness around here as the travel folk are still trying to sort out my Thailand Cambodia thing. Apparently my corporate travel insurance is refusing to cover me during "civil unrest" and so we're still waiting it out to see if I have the ok to go.

It's not so devastating really because Iíve got a heap of domestic travel to do. The girl and I have our 4 day long weekend trip this weekend and then at the end of October she and I are being hosted in Cairns for a Barrier Reef thingy for 5 days. Itís just us without a group of media folk, which is essentially a completely paid holiday on our own. Canít wait for that as some sunshine will definitely do me good. Bad news is that it means I get back on the day of Halloween and Iím getting a HUGE amount of grief for not putting on a party this year. The first year in ages, but thereís no time!!!

Amanda brought her dog over last night to meet neddy (my puppy) and they got along famously, I think she was a bit worried because in most cases he isnít social but Jack and Ned are now old mates.

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