2006-10-05, 2:15 p.m.,

Last night at the charity event i went to I "won" two domestic airfares anywhere in australia.

I've never won anythin gin my life until I started this job, the suddenly, as a member fo the media who writes a magazine, I just apparently got luckier, nearly each and every time I attend an event.

Mind you, I'm not so convinced of this theory that i'm willing to protest the gift, oh no. I could be wrong of course. Nonetheless, I'm not sure where these tickets will send me and a guest..just have to hang on to them and see I suppose. Somewhere I would never normally go for work anyway I think.

There's only one thing in my house leftover from my "marriage." It was a gift at our ceremony and the only piece of anything I keep out and around to remind me of that time in my life at all. This gorgeous blown glass bowl of dark blues and greens and purples and it's thick and heavy glass and I love it.

Today a brisk breeze came through the door in the kitchen and sent it flying to the floor. And it shattered into about 350 pieces. No exaggeration. I find it odd that your normal non hurricane wind could even budge that thing at all let alone send it flying, but off the counter it went and I was nowhere near it.

I could have cried, but instead I just accepted it as the very last piece to go. Something I should have gotten rid of a long time ago anyway I guess.

The girl is house sitting starting tonight for a friend of hers who's gone to melbourne for a few days. How nice it'll be to have her literally a few streets away when we don't have to worry about sending her for an hour drive home on a school night.

But for now, I must go and hope and pray I vaccummed up all the glass...

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