2006-10-16, 2:04 p.m.,

I realised its been 9 days since I've written which is pretty unlike me but lately I've been so overwhelmed that it just hasn't occurred to me to write anything at all.

And sadly the majority of the things taking up all my time are so not even remotely worth talking about because it almost all work stuff. The mag is expanding at a rate that frightens even my publisher and he has finally given me the budget to hire an permanent assistant which was meant to be 3 days a week but this morning he told me I get one full time. So all week I’ve been sorting through the resumes that have come back from the internet career website and interviewing.

I found a girl I think I like and if all else is crap she’s a goer.

Had a busy weekend with the girl’s birthday. She’s perfect. So much so that I’ve had to prevent myself from many a freak out because I am absolutely terrified of hard core falling in love with her and getting hurt. I can’ t put myself through it again. And she can see my resistance and I think it’s a bit frustrating for her but she’s been really great so far. Friday we had her birthday drinks at Deck bar with a big group of friends and it was nice mixing my friends with hers and having all go well. Late night though and we had such an early start Saturday morning for the Harley Tour we did of the city for the magazine. Lots of fun, but the heat on Saturday definitely drained us after the little sleep we had on Friday night.

Saturday night we had a huge house party for some friend of mine who got a new place and it’s STUNNING!!! Really made me want to buy a house. It has so much character. And there was a pregnant lady at the party who I was chatting with, due in about 3 weeks and HUGE and I got so unbearably clucky that the girl pickled on me the whole way home, but also it’s cute because I know she’s just as clucky as I am in most respects. And this weird psychic guy was at the party and was talking to me and the pregnant lady and my girl and he was asking me if I wanted children and when I said “yes, just one in about 2 years” he grinned and said “ I think you’ll find it’ll happen before that.” That’s now 2 psychics who’ve made it a point to tell me this......kinda frightening.

And Sunday was the big birthday lunch for my girl and her friends and it was so much fun and she glowed with happiness having everyone there. This morning when she dropped me at work I never wanted to just drive back home and stay in bed a few more days....exhausting but so much fun. I’m so very much looking forward to our Barrier Reef Trip in two weeks.

Oh and today in my disoriented and sleepy state I cut my leg on this metal box thing. Its not really big, just deep and it’s been bleeding for about 3 hours....shocking really and it looks very yuck.....

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