2006-10-19, 1:25 p.m.,

Working from home today in an effort to keep from killing my sales girl for the mag. Seriously, I don't want to go to prison and I think if I went into work today and had to look at her face, I would have done something that would have made prison a genuine possibility, so today I'm working from home.

And it was weird sending the girl off to campos this morning and not going with her....We're going to this play tonight that my friend did all the set design for. Then I must do some writing on the new book.

I really would like to call stieny and hear about her trip, I'm keen to know how she went but things seem to be in this weird place where me ringing up to hear about her trip could be misconstrued. I don't know really how I'm meant to be around her or to her sometimes.

I was thinking yesterday about why I've tried to maintain this friendship with Maxie and I suppose that it's because after being with someone for so many years and going through so much together you sort of want to walk away and say "ok it didn't work, but at least I have this amazing friend" but the truth is that I think if we were to meet each other randomly now, being the people that we've both changed into, I'm not so certain we would be friends.

But Stieny I do want around, she makes me laugh and smile and has this uninhibited nature about her that I really miss. I miss the inside jokes and playfullnes and just generally having her around and because I think we didn't have some major event that caused it all to end badly, and we have no real anger I hope we stil can find a way to do that. Even though its a bit odd sometimes I guess that's to be expected.

But for now I must must get a heap of writing done because I'm going away to Cairns next week for 5 days and must have all my stories sorted before I go...

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