2006-10-31, 12:51 p.m.,

Was nearly knocked over when I logged into my diary list and found that I havenít put anything here in 6 days. Of course it probably helps that Iíve been in Cairns doing the Rainforest and Barrier Reef thing over the last week. So we came back last night driving through Newtown and I felt like it had been weeks since I saw it last, not just 5 days. And thereís so much I want to write about the trip and what happened but Iím sort of afraid how this diary will turn out if I go that route.

Having the girl there with me was fantastic and gave us a heap of time together to do some really fun things. And she was so excited to come with me and enjoy a lot of the experience stuff as well.

I must admit at the moment Iím absolutely terrified of whatís happening. Things have gotten really intense and I wish I could explain it further but itís difficult because Iíd sort of feel like it was disrespecting her by kissing and telling but she puts me in these situations where Iím so challenged emotionally and in so many other ways that I really feel out of my depth with her.

Its weird when you sort of feel like you know yourself so well and then meet someone who puts you in situations where you donít know how to react or your forced to react in a way your arenít entirely comfortable with but become so much more secure with yourself afterwards. I donít know how to explain it, sheís aggressive, emotionally and mentally aggressive in all the right ways. It makes no sense but I will be more specific when I donít feel like Iím kissing and telling I guess.

Meanwhile Iím a bit sunburnt and wondering how Iím going to catch up on all the emails and work I left behind. Oh and I have about 350 pictures from the trip I need to sort through as well.

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