2006-11-02, 9:32 p.m.,

Just got home from a very impromptu dinner with the girl. You see we were meant to be leaving for the Hunter Valley and we've both been so exhausted and sort of sick of livin gout of a suitcase and I thin kin particular she is very sick of living out of a suitcase so she can have time with me that the thought of coming home for two days to wash clothes and repack and go again was unbearable. So today I managed to convince a journalist to go to the Hunter this weekend and wine taste on my behalf. It was a pretty easy sell and we went to celebrate the fact that this weekend we can see our friends and just "be."

Nothing else really on top of that. This girl I knew that I used to be psychotically in love with in my youth...so much so I flew to europe to be with her for 3 weeks for her to tell me that we can only be together if I stay in europe because returning home meant she would have to play the straight card....yeh, she had a baby this week and emailsed me the pictures. I never hear from her ever.

Don't get it.

But I'm very excited for the weekend. To see my little sis and just relax.

And now I have the dates of my publisher being closed for 2 weeks in december and since I'm not going home to yankee land to see my family, I've got 2 weeks with nothing on. Not sure what I'll do....

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