2006-11-08, 1:51 p.m.,

Two entries in 12 hours...impressive seeing as how I’ve genuinely slacked off lately with this diary.

Everyone who reads this should do themselves a huge favour and go see the movie “shortbus.” Seriously I can’t say enough about it. Go see it. Now.

And Bitch from Bitch and animal is in it and Moira from the L Word. Small roles for both of them but great film.

Other than that, it’s been pretty busy with work and trying to get as much of the next book done as possible but finding no time to be at home to work on it.

I get the girl back tonight and am so excited about it. We were talking last night and after a long stint of being unable to sleep I got into one of my moods where I was fussy and cranky and just really craved having her around. The only way I could explain it to her was that I sort of felt like I was numb to everything last night and just desperately wanted to feel something. Have been so overloaded with work and the book and just everything in general. I told her, “whether it was being kissed and cuddled or fucked and sore, Anything...just something.”

I have a stupid cocktail function thing in Bondi tonight and I’m hoping to get out of it early because I’m meant to meet up with friends for a long overdue catch up drink. Had free tickets to Pearl Jam and we gave them away because the thought of being at the entertainment centre with all those people was just not interesting. And then I thought of how excited I would have been 10 years ago to get pearl jam tickets for free...

funny how things change.

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