2006-11-15, 3:17 p.m.,

How very little I've been writing lately. Suppose that happens when there's so much going on that you don't have time to write about it all or that you aren't really sure what you can write. There's so many people now who read this diary that are relatively close to me that I worry a bit about what I write. But itís not just writing, itís even the people I ring up to talk to and those I hang out with. I used to speak to Felicity every day and since Iíve started spending time with Amanda we speak so much less. Thereís too much I canít tell her and too much she doesnít want to hear and now itís like our silence is this cooperative venture to make it all a little easier. But I do miss that daily contact with her.

I still talk to Stieny pretty regularly and she keeps me sane, keeps me laughing with her devout silliness although it would be good to just sit and have a proper and serious conversation with her.

Iíve got two tickets to anywhere that Virgin Airlines goes sitting on my desk and they are making my fingers itch wanting to look up a holiday and disappear for a little while. Iíve got a year to use them, and at the moment I have about 10 invites to a variety of hotels and resorts around Aus. I reckon a national tour wouldnít be too bad...oh year, assuming I didnít have this magazine to do. Anyway, I have a few nights planned for staying in the city just to get away on a Friday night with the girl and treat ourselves to a bit of an evening in the city and a room service breakfast.

Just to slow things down. But itís a good busy.

Am back at the doctor on Monday getting bloodwork done for the thyroid thing. I lost about 5 kilos the first time they did this (year ago) and Iíve managed to keep most of it off...so Iím hoping this next run of treatment will let me drop a bit more.....just in time for my trip to someplace sunny.

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