2006-11-21, 4:41 p.m.,

Things seem really diametrically opposed lately. Lots of good things happening, settling things, but also weird unsettling things as well.

Has been really nice spending time with and talking to Stieny and having her around lately, I've missed the general easiness and fun she brings. And on top of that everything with the girl is going incredibly well too. No relationship stress anywhere at all, no dramas, no worries, no tension, just good things.

And when I feel like things are settling and normal and finally just nice and smooth sailing I'm at the doctor for my thyroid tests and just getting all my check ups in one go to find out that I have potentially cancerous cells on my outer cervix. So now I've been to the doctor to have them take a cell scraping and I'm waiting waiting to find out what next. And the waiting is driving me mad and leaving me to do nothing else but google it which is never a good idea because you end up convincing yourself that you have cancer and are dying a horrific death.

Apparently about 6 women in my extended family have been through the same thing and have had to go and have the cells cauterized. Meaning they freeze them and burn them off and remove a portion of both healthy and abnormal cervical tissue.

My sister says it's not the worst thing in the world and your out of hospital in about 5 hours but it's definitely not fun or comfy.

Yay, something to look forward to. And I'll know how bad it is on Wednesday or the latest Friday, depending on when the results come back.

And this week I have an event on every night but tonight. High tea at the opera house tomorrow, thanksgiving with the marriott folks on Thursday for Yankee expats and this massive event industry holiday gala dinner massive "Sex in the City" themed event which we basically be a giant piss up for all the people in the event industry I work with on a regular basis. It's very posh, all formal cocktail dresses and whatnot and I'm taking the girl with me all decked out in her formal wear. Fels will be there which I'm hoping wont be weird, but who knows really. I think she's coming with her boy anyway.

On that note, time for me to head off and look for some funky little accessories for my dress on Friday. How girly is that?

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