2006-11-23, 2:13 p.m.,

Yesterday afternoon I left work at 12:30 and went to the Sydney Opera House for the first ever high tea ever held there in it's history. They herded us all in, champagne in hand and served us tea and plates of little sandwiches and sweets accompanied to the beltings of an opera singing doing four arias. My table was full of editors from other magazines, some food related some womenís magazines, some travel mags and as the hot sun outside beamed in through those huge picturesque windows I thought that as much of a pain in the ass that my job can be, walking around schmoozing people and playing nicey nicey....Iíve got it pretty fucking good.

I mean itís not like I work 60 hours a week at some hard labour job for minimum wage. And itís time like this I realise what a cunt I must sound like complaining that I travel for work too much, that Iím sick of spending more nights in resort bed than my own.....but it is tiring in a way I canít really explain. In a ďselling your soul to a bunch of fake PR wankersĒ sort of way.

In 25 minutes I have to call the doctor and get my results and Iím only writing in this diary to keep myself distracted because Iím nervous, I wasnít so much until I spoke to my sister about it...and I keep reminding myself that hers was cancerous and sheís perfectly fine now....so worst case scenario canít be the end of the world right??

Have a massive formal event industry party tomorrow night Iím taking the girl to which means I have to leave work early again tomorrow to go home, get all frocked up and hang out at the Shangri-la for the evening. Spent some time talking to Nic this morning which was nice because Iíve really enjoyed having her around lately although she gae me a bit of grief about not inviting her out to my work things, which secretly I know she hated anyway and only tolerated for my benefit. Although the travel I get to do with a guest alone are definitely a bonus, group things with PR people around..yeah, not so fun.

Iíve been writing so much lately and am really happy how this book is looking. I think itís going to be a heap different from the first one and so many people have already gotten on my case about publishing it....itíll definitely be another year yet folks....ease up on a girl.

Today is Thanksgiving and I donít know what it is about it that makes me homesick....I was invited to do this thanksgiving thing with the Marriott but it seems really fake and corporate and I think Iíd rather just not. Iíd rather keep that little bit of my homesick soul this year.

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