2006-11-24, 12:56 p.m.,

Rang the doctor yesterday to find out she had some of my results but not all, so the ones she did get back were enough to tell me that I don't have a tubal pregnancy and that I have no STD's. Now considering I'm a lesbian, I'm not incredibly surprised by any of that, so again I'm waiting until this afternoon for the rest of it.

And tonight I have this massive gala dinner thing...exciting but also kind of not.

I did manage to skip out of the corporate thanksgiving and have Chicken with Steiny instead. Happy Turkey Day from Aussie land.

Got home and helped the girl prep for her job interview. It's really weird the relationship dynamic we have, unlike anything I've encountered in that it's very much intense and full and happy, and we do have our joking playful moments, but it's just different. Not bad, just not what I'm used to. Am looking forward to her moving back to newtown though and having her around more often.

But for now it's time to finish up office stuff so I can get all dolled up for tonight's big 'do.

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