2006-11-28, 10:23 a.m.,

The industry party on Friday was pretty good, the girl looked amazing and we, along with the other 150 people there, drank far too much which happens I suppose when you put a heap of people in a room for 5 hours with free alcohol....and they are all by nature professional party and event people.

Although Fels never showed up, her boy was there but not her and I didn't ask. It was a bit of a relief not to have her there actually, I wouldn't be sure what to talk to her about anyway.

So Saturday was very much a quiet one. We were both feeling a bit seedy and sleepy and essentially spent the majority of the day in bed, which was exactly where we wanted to be.

And Sunday we went to this afternoon event for a friend of mine which was a fundraiser for the bobby goldsmith foundation...was pretty cruisey.

Other than that., just finishing up the last issue of the mag before we close for the holidays and then I'll just keep writing..only this time more on my book. I'm really looking forward to having the time off now, just to get a lot of things done I never have time to do for myself.

The very last test I'm waiting on comes back on Wednesday and I had a bit of a chat to my doctor on Friday and she's pretty confided that it will be precancerous cells that's caused the issue as they've rule out everything else. However she says it happens all the time and it easily easily sorted so I'm forgetting about it until tomorrow.

Other than that...just same old same old.....

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