2006-12-01, 9:31 a.m.,

It's a weirdly calm sort of energy around lately, kinda settled and that’s really good I think. It’s been awhile since things just sat in their place and everything felt right. Doctor says that the cervical cells they tested are pre-cancerous...which basically means that they aren’t now but are very likely to become cervical cancer however I stopped having the “bleeding after penetrational sex” issue so she thinks that my body is fighting it off, which is apparently really common for women who have the very low grad abnormal cells.

She reckons as long as the issue has stopped my body is doing it’s best to fix itself and they (the abnormal cells) might be killed off by my body naturally. So essentially as long as I stop having symptoms they are going to wait 4 months and test again. If they are still there, I go through the procedure to have them removed, which according to my doctor (and sister who also had the same thing) is nothing to worry about.

Tonight the girl and I are at the Vibe for our slumber party night. Really looking forward to having a night with her where we can just be alone and have fun together. She’s started to get a bit sick and I think a night in would be great for her...we’ve been far too busy lately. And spoiling each other with a bit of quiet attention would be so mice considering that the past week has been a series of rush rush rush here and there and her randomly and surprisingly popping into my house for a bit of a debauchery (otherwise known as a booty call) Yes, I think a proper date night and some quiet time would be just the ticket.

On the train this morning I was cleaning out my phone and found a heap of stored messages from my old sim card that made me laugh just remembering some funny things with Stieny, hiding out in the blue mountains in “grandma daphne’s attic” long story.....but it made me smile. Cheeky little thing, I’m so glad I have her around.

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