2006-12-07, 10:55 a.m.,

It's very strange really the concept of people finding what they want to find in something to justify themselves and what they are feeling. I've just noticed, particularly in a few situations recently where people (myself included) will read so much into something..only really paying attention to the bits that support their argument without weighing up how much really supports that they might be wrong.

Not sure if that makes sense, but I wholeheartedly believe that people find what they look for. If I tell you something isnít red, it doesnít mean that itís blue, it simply means itís not red. You can assume itís blue and convince yourself it is...but really it could be a lot of other colours.

Itís weird really...when Iím in situations that are outrageously stressful or just epically disastrous, I laugh. Itís been a natural response to anything that seems just too bad to be true and I think after the freakishly big timing incident a few nights ago and how the girl probably heard me laughing about it, she must think Iíve developed some evil plan behind her back to do something dodgy...when really all along itís my awful sense of humour for not being able to take anything extreme seriously. And I suppose if you want to see that as me being awful and evil it could be read that way, but its truly not.

So yeah, for everything thatís been blow up and out of proportion and all the assumptions and accusations made about what happened or didnít happen a few nights ago, I know the truth, Nic knows the truth, it was a miscalculated and very awkward situation for everyone which was so badly timed and so much of a ďcould it look any worse when itís totally innocentĒ type of situation that yeah, it was fucking funny....in that ďwhy do these things always happen at the worst moment to me?Ē sort of ways. Almost to the point I canít even take it seriously because it just played out like this big comedy of errors. Anyway, nothing shady has been done or said and it was what it was and Iím comfortable with that fact that this whole situation is really, to quote shakespere much ado about nothing.

Now on with more daily disasters......

My mom is trying to convince me to come home for Christmas, ever so concerned that Iíll be here alone and miserable. Even offered to foot most of the far home....have to admit itís a bit tempting today.

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