2006-12-21, 9:35 p.m.,

Had dinner with a friend of mine tonight and he asked me how I felt living in this new place, now that I've been here nearly 6 months. And it's weird because when I first moved in I was so hell bent on making it home "nesting" into it and not moving until I bought a house becaue I'm so sick of moving.

But after the first month of good intentions I find I feel like it isn't home here and I sort of know I'll be moving on again...just weird things like my creepy neighbours and not having a heap of room for stuff. PLus when the girl comes with her puppy it would just be nice to have more room for them to feel like they are at home here too....

I must buy a house to stop moving but before that I must pay off a heap of bills and such to buy a house.

Bloody expensive sydney.

Not that I don't love my dog, but I often think about how much I pay in rent here just for the luxury of having a courtyard and how if I didn't have ned I would have a MUCH bigger and newer place. Then I get all shitty about how maxie never asks about him, never comes to see him, I'm paying the vet bills and yet the dog is still in her name.

I love having him around I just wish I had more space for not so much money.

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