2006-12-27, 9:20 a.m.,

Christmas this year was so differene tfrom last, but really good. I've had the girl here full time for about a week now because of the holidays and it just feels really normal and like it's always been this way.
We did the holiday thing with her family, who are really very cute and very much like my parents and then came home, crashed out for a nap to revive and headed out to an orphans drinks at one of our friends house.

I was very much sppoiled by the girl for christmas. She bought me this amazing anique chinese makeup/jewelery box that has a mirror that folds from the top. It's got amazing art detailed into it, hard to explain but I've walked by the shop that sells it for about a year and haven't been able to stop looking at it. I love it. Plus she's spoiled me with a few other gifts as well.

Now I have the rest of this week off for work and I've got a list of little projects I really must get onto. And I want to work more on my book and have a great new year this year. We have tickets to a few different things in case one or the other turns out to be a total lame fest.

So in case this is my very last entry before the new year, enjoy whats left of 2006 kiddies and vow to do spectacular things in 07.

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