2007-01-02, 3:52 p.m.,

New Year's Eve was probably one of the best I've had in awhile and I attribute it to a few things: I had a great group of people, I didn't just get off an airplane after a 30 hour flight and think I could stay out all night on very little sleep and a whole lot of jetlag and we actually went out to a relatively decent venue I didnít (nor did anyone else in our group) lose any personal belongings or have any major tragedy..it was exactly as it should be. And my resolution for next year is to get as much if not all of my book finished by the end of the year.

Back at work today and sifting through literally hundred of unread emails on a mission to delete as many as possible. And now with the holiday stuff out of the way Iím sort of afraid at how much travelling and such will pick up now.

Anyway, nothing too exciting to say really just that Iím insisting that this year be better than my last two because 2005 was simply shocking and 2006, although turned out well was a bit of a roller coaster with the emotions of the book launch and whatnot. On that note Iím vowing to make 2007 and nicer year all around.

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