2007-01-03, 4:59 p.m.,

Spent a bit of time visiting with Stieny last night which was nice to catch up with her after awhile of not seeing her, I donít really credit myself as being one with a lot of friends and the ones that I do have mean a lot to me. I donít think I find it easy to just relax around people and sheís one of the few people that I just feel comfy with. Shame really that it doesnít quite work out that I get to see her often.

Last night it rained so hard and I found myself feeling a bit head heavy and dozed off for awhile and up again during the night quite restless. Something about staying at my house alone when the girl isnít there that causes me to awake at odd hours and having weird dreams.

Regardless Iíve got her back tonight.

I was so excited today to come across an ad for a gallery opening for the artist that did this amazing painting I bought about a year ago. Iíve been searching for her other stuff for ages and sheís just done another show and immediately I felt this rush of blood, got all giddy and rang the gallery directly. How much of a freak he mush have thought I was when I nearly squealed with delight to find out that of 250 prints, he had 2 left. One I now own. Where on godís earth Iím going to put it is inconsequential. I have them both and thatís all that matters. Have found images of both prints online Iíll have to work out how to put them both on tomorrow. Words just do not express how excited I was...art is one of the few things I simply canít resist and donít often think twice about spending money on.

This will bite me in the ass one day for sure....or one day something I buy will be worth a fortune. Who knows....either way, my home will look amazing with some bloody brilliant art.

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