2007-01-04, 9:29 a.m.,

Over the past few weeks of simply just observing people in random situations, I've come to the conclusion that it truly is a person's grace that makes them a beautiful person and desirable to be around. Just the way that people respond in situations where they may not be entirely comfortable or in control, or the way they behave when theyíre drunk and become someone a bit closer to their ďtrue selfĒ With so many holiday festivities lately thereís certainly plenty more opportunity for watching such behaviour.

Itís hard to explain accurately without being too specific but as an example, the girl has a friend who goes out, has a few drinks and suddenly in some effort to impress a girl does things like grabs her breasts and pretends to be looking a her necklace and pulls her top out. Stupid 12 year old boy flirting techniques and when you sort of play devils advocate and playfully ask her what sheís doing she does the whole ďno itís ok, she doesnít mind, weíre friends like thatĒ routine. But really...if she did mind what would she do, slap the girlís face in front of a room full of her friends?

This same friend also decides to smoke cigarettes (despite that sheís completely anti-smoking any other time) in some weird effort to look cooler for this random girl I donít know. Itís sad really.

A group of us a few months ago went to Cairns for holiday and the same girl got drunk (as we all did) and proceeded to banter off a bit of racial slurs, poking fun of different races, really classless sort of stuff and immediately my opinion just dropped. But her drunken debaucheries do make her entirely graceless and Iím not saying that Iím not prone to ill behaviour myself but Iíve just noticed it in people more lately.

I donít mean to bag out this one particular girl, itís just an example really, lately with so many holiday parties Iíve noticed things everywhere, people I work with, my friends, myself etc.

Someone once told me that drunk people are the truest form of themselves. They are exactly what they would be like if they didnít have to act to any social standard. Itís always sort of stuck into my head and when I see people in certain situations doing things they probably would have the grace to not do sober, I just wonder if thatís who theyíve always been all along.

Anyway, this entry probably makes no sense and Iím hurting for sleep and very achy this morning. Just thought Iíd ramble on....

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