2007-01-08, 3:22 p.m.,

The weekend was so actively busy in that playing house kind of way. The back garden is now finally finished. We got a BBQ for the garden and did a massive shop on Saturday with the expectation of having friends over on Sunday arvo for some drinks and yummies and it seemed the gods worked against us with the rain. So we ended up inviting a friend over and cooking the BBQ lunch inside, no matter...Sunday morning was spent at the Vet as it seems my dog is hell bent on tearing his fur out of a spot on his tail...long story, poor little guy but heís all medicated and seems to be feeling better already.

Driving in this morning to work with the girl we saw this bumper sticker that read: One man can make a difference-Jesus Did.

The girl made a comment along the lines of ďSo did HitlerĒ and I think I fell just a little bit more in love with her.

Meanwhile Iím actively searching the internet for a diner uniform much like the one piece button up one I had as a waitress when I was 20. Itís a long long story...

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