2007-02-06, 10:44 a.m.,

Can't believe how much time goes by lately without me posting. Funny to think there was a time when I was writing in here nearly every day. Works been crazy though.

I spoiled myself last evening by watching all the new episodes of season 4 of the L word...and last night it was all I could do to get the image of Shane in those Hugo Boss undies out of my mind. So much so that I had to come into work this morning and find the image. See?

The picture simply doesn't do it the justice that the last few seconds of the episode did. Dear god I wonder how many lesbians ran out and purchased Hugo Boss undies after this...quiet a many I think.

The girl and I have worked out our travelling schedules for the month only because were both so busy going here and there and passing each other and meeting up in random cities on the one occasion that we overlap in Adelaide and it seems there are only 5 days all month that we are both in Sydney at the same time. Madness I say!

I have every intention of printing up the 90 some pages Ive written on the second book to give me something to do on the plan to South Australia. I really wwant to get this one done before too long.

But for now...back to work.

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