2001-08-16, 7:35 p.m.,

so i send an email to anie about 2 weeks ago simply saying "remember me? i miss you" and i get this is return, 2 weeks later...whats she tryign to prove?

Hi baby!

Sorry its been so long (yeah, i know what else is new? my same old begining line.) I wanted to tell you that i havent forgotten about you. I think of you too much and try so hard to keep my distance sometimes. Its so difficult to miss you when steven is away. I was thinking of you, wanting you to visit so much. I fell asleep last night listening to that damn cd again and i thought if calling you the while night. Its been so long since you've breathed the air within these walls, and i want to say, "the couch misses you, it hasnt seen any action since christmas.." I had this dream of you, but do I dare tell it?--you forward this email to steven and I hurt you ok?--- the dream: we were back in A-dam and i was kissing you in a plethora of places, mostly in the, shall we say "southern hemisphere" and slid my hands under you, lifting you to my mouth as if i were drinking water from my hands. Can I tell you I awoke missing how you taste. Oh honey, it isnt that I dont love you, please know that. I love you too much for my own good. I'm so thankful for the miles between us somedays, other days, well, you know.

Please come see me soon, I'm a terrible friend to you I know. I promise to make it up to you. Should I come there? I have a few weeks vacation from school in September.

I love you and miss you everyday.


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