2007-05-24, 4:14 p.m.,

I've only really just realised how long it's been since I've put anything in this diary. Most likely because work has taken over my life. Travelling and doing tradeshows and a heap of event lately.

Things are settling a bit and I'm throwing a birthday party for my magazine for over 200 of our advertisers and supporters. Its going to be amazing, so many great entertainers and these arial performers and all kinds of surprises...complete with red carpet entry.

And it's all sort of making wish I were an event planner again.

Meanwhile I've only got a few domestic trips in the pipeline before doing another round the world extravaganza at Christmas....Singapore, London, Paris, Venice, Rome, New York, and back to Sydney. Can't wait.

The new boook is a little shy of half finished. The rough draft anyway, must spend more time working on it though...other than that, yeah, still alive and promising to write more soon.

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