2007-03-06, 11:44 a.m.,

It's so very odd how certain things in life work out. My uncle died yesterday morning. He was 45. The baby of the family. And he had a long long running problem with alcoholism. I haven’t seen or spoken to him in about 10 years and it’s pretty much been the same for my father and my aunties as well. My grandmother heard from him on and off as he was in and out of treatment centres or when he’d ring drunk.

This time he was two months clean and staying in a halfway house. Apparently woke up during the night and somehow fell, hitting his head on the bedside table and fracturing his skull. He was on the bedroom floor for hours before the lady who runs the house came in to find him when he didn’t get up for work.

Odd how life works like that. I rang my grandmother who’s devastated and all she could say to me was “I never got to tell him that you dedicated your book to him” funny what her regrets are.

They are having him cremated and holding a service this summer when everyone can come from all corners of the world to meet at the lake at my parents house. So if I was thinking I couldn’t afford to fly home this august, I’m going now.

Everything just seems really flat lately and I don’t know what it is exactly. Saturday was Abby’s birthday. 31. The thought of her being 31 seems so unlikely. Guess she’ll remain about 22 in my head for the rest of my life. It was in the back of my head all day that day but we were so busy with the Mardi Gras party and riding on Dykes on Bikes (Yay! so much fun) for the parade it was easy to be distracted.

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