2007-06-08, 12:41 p.m.,

My sister is pregnant yet again but she�s been having a lot of cramping and such which is likely to mean another miscarriage, I really hope not. So many and I�m sure she�s really ready to give up soon.

Am really looking forward to having this birthday party for the magazine over with next week. At the moment my work is almost taking over my life so much that I'm not really sleeping well or thinking about much other than this cocktail party for 270 people, plus entertainment plus catering and arranging all the details is really driving me mad.

After next Thursday life will be a bit easier.

But work always has it�s pluses....And tonight I get to go for a amazing dinner at Astral which is a brilliant restaurant with to die for views of Sydney and we�re spening the night in this huge harbour view suite and getting breakfast all because I�m writing a story on them. Kinda cool really. And the girl is bouncing with excitement over the invite I got today to go away to this luxury cattle station in the mountains (luxury and cattle station in the same sentence, I know.) but the trip is sponsored by Audi and everyone gets to have exclusive use of the new Audi car�s they are launching for the entire weekend.

I still can�t drive in Oz so it�s up to my girl and she�s really excited. I am too. But they are like 80 thousand dollar cars and haven�t been launched to the public yet. So cool.

Meanwhile I really much get more work don�t on my next book and plan my christmas trip home.

That�s it really, just work work work, but good work I can�t complain about.

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