2003-12-18, 4:16 p.m.,

So we're back from Philly DC and I got to spend time with Kate which was really cool, except for that the past 12 days we've been here I've had this god awful cough that won't go away and BOTH time I've brought maxie to my parents in the middle of the woods on a lake in Upsate NY she's been snowed under and forced to deal with the lifestyle that people in this areas have to deal with in the winter. There's nothing to do. Nothing when the roads are icy and its below freezing outside. I feel bad because I'm so content just being around my family and having normal boring family conversations and she's got to be clawing the walls to get out and do stuff. We had a mini talk last night about how this is just the restful part of the trip and once we got to London we'll both be ready to go out and have fun doing things...I just wish she could be here in the summer when there's things going on.

I just found out today that a friend of mine will be spending Xmas alone in Sydney....this devestates me really because I'm certain it's not by choice.

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