2004-07-12, 9:19 a.m.,

I really should make this diary more useful, shouldn't I? I have all these snazzy options for it now and I don't use them.

So today I'll add one of my favourite photos. (Yes I took it with my very own little clunky camera.) I took it ages ago and it's still one of my faves.

And I promise I'll start including more pictures in this bloody diary. I promise.

So we had a little party on Saturday and it was a great time. I invited that psychic lady I went to about a month ago. She did readings for about 6 people and everyone who had one done seemed very pleased with the result.

2:15 in the morning when we said goodbye to the last guest, we crashed out and had a very lazy sunday.

Oh yes, and I added a notify list to the website so if anyone wants to just get a little note when I update rather than having to randomly check...it's there.

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