2004-07-20, 9:43 p.m.,

There's so much going on lately and I barely have time to write it all. Mostly because my job has kicked into hyperdrive again.

Tonight I went to a Bikram yoga class. What this is kiddies, is a power yoga class, 100 minutes in a room heated to 40 degrees Celciuis (100 F)

You sweat. A lot. You drink massive amounts of water and your body shakes and you sweat. ALOT. People just stripoff and do this stuff nearly naked. and you sweat a lot.


When I finished I rang out my towel, yes rang it out, rang out my clothes. and walked to the bus station on jello legs.

My body is exhausted but I'm told I've just rid my body of about 2 months of toxins in one class.

I've never drank more water in my life.

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