2005-07-18, 11:29 a.m.,

What a huge weekend....Friday did the family dinner thingy and spent Saturday looking at seven different flats...all of which 2 where even worth considering. I mean if you're paying about 400+ a week to move into a place, it shouldn't be looking like a fucking filth hole...

I still get so grumpy thinking about how cheap it is living in the US. My apartment in Arizona was amazing....so big and in the most safe/upscale neighbourhood and I spent 550 a MONTH. Outrageous really.
Sydney real estate is a big fat rip off and the agents are slimier than slugs...seriously.

But the two places we did approve of, well one we're waiting to hear about and the other is the sexiest most amazing place ever and it's just around the corner from a really seedy and dangerous area of town. Like riots happen there type of dangerous....it's a shame as well because it's like they made this most amazing flat to overcompensate for the fact it's in such a bad space.

Anyway..looks like we've got the other one anyway, fingers crossed.

I got an email from Katelyn today, graduating from her police academy training and I haven't heard from her in such a long time that I was so pleased to see the email and proud of her as well. It's weird because with my girl she's like a collection of all the best things I loved about katelyn, abby and my friend tara...it's like if I could taken away all the qualities I love/loved about all three of these amazing women and merged them into one person..I'd have my Nicole. She's perfectly and exactly what I wanted....

Best quote of the weekend.."Foreplay? I don't think I know how to have foreplay. Show me."

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