2001-08-27, 9:52 p.m.,

I'm here, waiting for her again, where is she? I miss her voice...

I went to Ms Oviegene Poole's house today, she lost her husband of 60 some years and i decided to adopt her as my grandmom of south khaki laki....what a sweetie she is, telling me stories of her childrena dn her husband. She broke my heart when she told me how she felt guilty eating dinner alone because she never had to do that before....so tragic. She told me today she barely knew what to do with herself....i feel so bad for her, she seems so lonely. I told her i would call to check on her or stop by next week to see if she needed anything. I also gave her my card (stuck it to her fridge) in case she needed me.

I was reading something last night that kinda made me stop and just re read it again and again:

"I am thou and thou art I. Wherever thou art, I am there, and sown in all, from whencsoever thou willest thou gatherest me, and gathering one, thou gatehrest thyself."

-The Gospel of Eve

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