2001-10-02, 10:22 p.m.,

I had this dream last night...so real and it was like reliving a portion of my life, not really a dream after all.

yesterday ron was talking to me about NY and we got talking about port authority bus station and he says to me "Why are you in that station, its so dangerous.. a girl could get attcked there." hmmm..find the irony in that..i've spent many a late evening in port authority untouched, but go to a friends house in college for a few hours and there, yes there is where you're unsafe...huh..

so i guess that made me have that dream, thinking about damian, how durng the entire situation he kept his mouth so close to my ear and telling me things like "Its ok.. i'm just playing... i'm kidding...you're fine..blah blah..." nauseating really, like he'll magically convince me by power of suggestion that what he's done is ok, a game... so i woke up all shakey and just not breathing very well.

Think i'll ever get over it and move on. I hate that he has the ability to make me dream about him lke that..wonder where he is?

I need to get away.

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