2002-07-04, 7:54 p.m.,

There's so much to tell. I feel like I've talked with nearly everyone from my past today. First of all I get this email from katelyn who seems so upset and depressed. She's having some serious girlfriend problems and it has really brought her down. I think i'm going to call her tonight to say hello. I'm working so hard at trying to keep a friendship with her because even though it's so cliche to say i want to maintain a friendship after a break up, i really do with her.

Then I get a call from brian and we talked for nearly an hour about the usual chit chat. He said he really wants to meet up tomorrow, and if he cant he'll drive up to see me. Finally, a friend that realizes i'm going out of my way to see people and trying to work with me here....

So yes, lunch with Mrs K. It was a bit strange going back into that house again, seeing abby's school pictures on the fireplace shelves. Her mom has been divorced, i didnt know that but it doesnt surprise me at all. She said that the whole dealing with abby's death was a huge strain. Mr K was never around anyway, and its pretty obvious he had some extra marital activities going on. We talked a bit and she said to me that she always considerd me her daughter because i've known them since i was 9 and abby and i grew up together. And she says, since i lost abby, i feel like i lost both of you. I uess its because she never sees me or hears from me. She's really lonely, that's obvious. I was telling her about maxine and she says to me "yeah, i was wondering if you were seeing anyone. I always knew that you and abby were..um, closer than most friends" made me laugh a bit. All i could remember was how blase she was when she found out. Abby and I were about 18 and i had spent the night and i guess when one of got up during the night we didnt lock the door again. we slept in really late into the afternoon and her mom must have thought we were awake because she just comes waltzing in and we're unclothed in bed half asleep and she says "girls, I need one or both of you to go to the store for me and you cant go like that." turns around and walks out. Never said anything since....kinda funny.

Off to the folk fest with my mom tomorrow, a very long day. 3 hour car trip with mum...we'll see how it goes.

I guess thats it really......off i go...

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