2002-07-03, 8:37 p.m.,

So I'm going to the kinchy's for lunch tomorrow i think. Unless I'm struck down by some terrible illness (god willing.) I really just want to go back. Its not that I'm not having fun here, it's lovely to be home and all that good stuff, its just that i want to go back now. I miss home too much. I miss my mackie, i miss sleeping in our bed, i miss kissing her, making love to her. Miss her coming home for lunch and us giggling over really silly things. I cant tell you how quickly i want these next few days to go by.

Looks like i wont get to see Kate while I'm home, s'ok really I wasn't too keen on it anyway. She's changed a lot to me anymore. I'll get into all that another day. I also have to remember to call brian and see what his deal is for friday. watch him not show, havent heard from anie either....big surprise.

I really need new friends. My old ones suck horribly sometimes.

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