2002-07-06, 8:20 a.m.,

All day yesterday i thought about things I wanted to put in here and now that its in front of me....um...well..

To say I miss her is the largest understatement i could make. I spent nearly every moment thinking about her. And lately most my thought circle around her with far less clothing than what i imagined her to have a few days ago. I'm terrible arent I? Its oly been one week and i carry on like its been months. I was in bed last night thinking about making love to her, thinking of her whimpering, the way she moves under my touch. the taste of her. the way her breath hesitates and staggers under the pressure of my mouth.

I miss kissing her neck and behind her ear as she's falling alseep and telling her goodnight, so close to her ear... the smell of her skin....oh dear, i'm making this very hard on myself.

Anyway, lemme distract myself....party today.YAY! lots of people here at the lake, the baby is coming and my aunts and uncles (only the fun ones)It should be lots of fun.

No brian yesterday, i'm hopefully gonna be able to see him later this week...hopefully

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