2002-08-18, 11:06 a.m.,

We had quite the circus yesterday. Went into Newtown and bought all these really cool paper pieces to start making our invitations. We decided that we would handmake each one, so that everyone's will be different. We're striving to make this a really personal ceremony and it looks like everything will be that way thus far, but this afternoonwe are having our third official "wedding and visa meeting." This basically entails us going out to eat in a cafe somewhere and pulling out all our notes, ideas, paperwork for the visas, checklists, everything and deciding what's next and how to move forward with it all. So much to do yet, so much to do...

We went to Maxie's sister's netball finals yesterday and after it's al over her mother looks at us and says, "sure I'd love to stop by your place for coffee since i havent been in so long."

In a brief moment of sheer panic, we decided we could handle it.

You see....we have the artifical "bedroom" which is basically the computer room, it has a day bed-like bed in it and our computer, the ironing board, the laundry, etc.... at one point it did look like a realistic bedroom, but well, maxies parents havent been here in 7 or 8 months as we always go there and we've really let it all slide a bit. So in 10 minutes (if that) we drivie home, come in and make the room look as realistic as possible, we try to cover up my things in our bedroom and bring some into the fake room. Lo and behold we passed inspection. *whew*

So after her mom left we got stoned, drank a bottle of wine, ordered chinese, and made our wedding invites (most of them.)Romantic isn't it?

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