2002-09-09, 4:21 p.m.,

I don't know if I've ever discussed Tara in here before...hmm..have i? I mean other than the last entry. Anyway....addicted to new love, for years was obsessed with my gay friend george who own a drag club in vancouver. She moves there with him a year ago to do PR for his club and ends up sleeping with him, how? I don't know. This is also a good spot to mention that he's HIV positive.

She's always known this but rationalizes it by saying that if she were to go to a bar and pick up just any guy, as long as she uses a condom, the chances are the same whether she knows if the guy has it or not......hmmm... not entirely sure i buy it.

So she tells me today that she she and some chick were having sex last night and well, to make a gruesome story short she thinks she may have cut herself inside her nether regions with the end of metal hair brush handle. SHe tells me that she isnt sure because she didnt feel it hurt her, and she's well paaast due for her "monthly bill" and seems nearly convinced that this may be it......

So i sat there, reading the screen as she tells me this, wondering "where do i find people willing to tell me this kinda stuff, let alone people who have these things happen to them?" And i reassure her that she'll be fine as long as she isn't bleeding more than what's normal for her period and politely excuse myself from the conversation.....

I mean, dear god. Is nothing sacred....now i can't even brush my hair today.

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